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Upset Forging

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LinkStud PSR Limited Upset Forge Shear Studs In-House

Upset Forging is a key process used to manufacture Shear Reinforcement Studs that are commonly used in Punching Shear Reinforcement systems.

Our manufacturing facility at LinkStud PSR is comprehensive, currently equipped with 16 hot Upset Forging cells that are tooled ready for the production of Shear Studs in many different sizes. It is not uncommon for us to have 4 upset forging machines working simultaneously to produce one diameter/size of rebar stud.

This process combined with on-site welding and testing ensures a swift turnaround of orders to meet call-off requirements with lower environmental impact and simpler administration.

16 Hot Upset Forging Cells for fast production of rebar shear studs

The LinkStud PSR system is manufactured under a cares independently audited and certified BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Automated Forging Lines for in-house manufacture of shear studs

hot upset forged shear studs   automated upset forging of shear studs   16 upset forging machines for shear stud manufacturing

cares approved linkstud psr punching shear reinforcement system

Approved to CARES ISO 9001, CARES Technical to EC2 and compatibility with BS8110 Structure Design