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Linkstud PSR System

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The LinkStud PSR™ System provides class-leading punching shear reinforcement around columns, slab to shearwall junctions, beam to column junctions and within footing and foundation slabs.

LinkStud PSR™ (Punching Shear Reinforcement) is manufactured from CARES certified, 500N/mm2 minimum yield strength, deformed carbon steel to maximise mechanical anchoring within the concrete. Each stud is upset forged at both ends with the stud heads formed to three times the diameter of the bar to form an optimum bond.

These double-headed shear studs are linked by rails which have no structural properties and are used purely to ensure the accurate configuration and ease of placement of the studs.

The studs are arranged around a column or abut to shearwalls in a pre-determined pattern of rails - the number of studs in each rail and the number of rails utilised being determined by in-house calculations based on the depth of the slab.

When compared to conventional solutions utilising individual links, the proprietary LinkStud PSR™ System has been shown to be around 70% quicker to install and far easier to check for correct placement, minimising cost and maximising quality control.

Manufactured at our factory in the UK for prompt delivery to meet call-off requirements.

cares approved linkstud psr punching shear reinforcement system

Approved to CARES ISO 9001, CARES Technical to EC2 and compatibility with BS8110 Structure Design

  • Applications


    The LinkStudPSR™ System is primarily used in Flat Slab, Piled Slab and...

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  • System Testing

    System Testing

    CARES Technical Approval Testing of the LinkStud PSR™ System was carried out at...

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  • System Benefits

    System Benefits

    Full CARES Certification Tested, approved and certified by CARES to be fully...

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  • Installation


    The LinkStud PSR™ System is quick and easy to install. While the system can be...

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  • Design Methodology

    Design Methodology

    The LinkStud PSR design methodology to EC2 design standard has been fully tested and is...

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The LinkStud PSR™ System is proven to be 70% quicker to install

It is easier to check for correct placement, minimising cost and maximising on-site quality control


LinkStud PSR™ CPD Designing PSR to EC2

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